Avalon Sketchbook

The attached sketches were created for the Avalon Nightclub Renovation project at Mohegan Sun Casino. As part of our effort we wanted to create an impressive Entry Experience through the long front corridor, and sought to do so with lighting, drapery, and a textured reflective wall surface. The Dancing Girl Gates which had been a prominent feature of the club's previous incarnation were relocated to the termination of the corridor. Turning left to enter the club we styled a series of semi-private seating pods. We also studied how patrons used the previous VIP booths and saw that people like to sit on the seat backs to have a better view of the dancefloor. This led to a study of what sort of upholstered fabrication could we use that would survive stiletto high heels, and yet be comfortable to sit on. We also looked at how an oversized steel handrail surrounding the booths could serve as a seat back, preventing people from falling over, while also providing a separation for the guests