Sushi Koya

The design idea for Sushi Koya was to re-purpose a little used area of the Mohegan Sun Summer Shack that had once been a main entrance and was now being used as a small lounge. We set out to create a visible - yet permeable, separation from the nearby Summer Shack Bar, while also maintaining a separate branded identity for the new Sushi restaurant. Within this very small space, proximity to the Summer Shack proved to be a plus in that we could use the Summer Shack's kitchen for prep and storage, and the Summer Shack's Bar for liquor service. As a former entryway it has one of the most visible storefronts just off the Casino Hotel Lobby. To create the separation between Casino and Koya we studied the use of a permeable screen that led us to a Su Sugi Ban wood panel low wall with a painted laser-cut Interlam panel above that would allow a sense of privacy to dining patrons, while also allowing passerbys an enticing veiled peek inside.